Recap Monday: Hibernation Soon Come

When you are as antisocial as I am, the end of summer is a marvelous thing. The sun goes down earlier. The weather is cooling out. Football season! The best part of the post Labor Day season is television gets like so good, and I don't feel guilty about not going out at all. Pretty much all of my shows are coming back, and I've seen quite a few new shows that look like they are worthy of a spot in my lineup. Thus, I'm introducing Recap Fridays. Every Friday, I'll be recapping episodes, making predictions, AND there will definitely be spoilers. 


At the end of every season of American Horror Story, I complain about how much I hated that season, and renounce my fandom. Then, every fall, I wind up begrudgingly addicted to the new story line. So that's what I did on Tuesday night. I crawled into bed, accidentally watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and got into American Horror Story: Cult. The first things first, I'm #Blessed that AHS has been moved to Tuesdays. Now I don't need to chose between that and Designated Survivor. Second, I noticed that I have to stop live-tweeting the entire episode, if I want to bring cohesive thoughts to Recap Friday. 

This season takes place after the 2016 election, when everything pretty much goes to shit, both on screen and IRL. I can already a lot of 'ripped from the headlines' story lines forming, and I'm psyched AF, because that's what I like.


So immediately, AHS is with the shits. Real election footage was used, and a lot of people on my timeline were triggered. I wasn't, and I'm pretty sure it's because I was asleep by 11 on Election Night. Sarah Paulson's character, Ally, is grossly offended at the fact that Donald Trump is offended, as was I, so I'm rooting for her to sort through her shit. Trump being named President Elect has Ally T R I G G E R E D. She starts seeing clowns like everywhere, and has to go on medication...that she doesn't take. I promised myself that I wouldn't be this kind of person after the election. Of course, that requires that I maintain some level of ignorance of current events, and I'm absolutely okay with that. Ally played me though, because after all of her hyperbolic bullshit, we found out that homegirl voted for Jill Stein! I was shook.

I already have a lot of thoughts about which direction this season is going to go, and if they develop and resolve all the story lines accordingly, this could be one of the BEST seasons. 


  • Kai (Evan Peters) is the mail equivalent of Darth Susan...maybe Darth Chett. Also he's probably, definitely, maybe into some twincest with Winnie (Billie Lourd).
  • Winnie, is probably also a serial killer.
  • Harrison, though not introduced officially, is probably one of those clowns that is terrorizing the neighborhood, and is actually what Billy Eichner does, so it's not a stretch.

Here I am, starting yet another AHS season, and I'll probably be disappointed.

As the fall premieres begin, I'll add them to the recap line up. I will for sure be watching Law and Order: True Crime, Catfish, Designated Survivor, and SEAL Team?

Are there any series you're looking forward to seeing this fall?