Recap Friday: BALLIN'


We've been had, y'all. Again! We are 2 episodes in to this season and I'm already bored. I usually don't hit this point with AHS until episode 10, when I'm overthinking how in the world THEY are going to resolve all these plot twists in 3 episodes. I am fed the eff up. Seriously, his is all Ally does:


She sees a clown, and has an episode. That's really it. In this episode, Ally and Ivy are PEAK CAUCASITY. They have a son, named Oz. Oz being short for Ozymandias. If that's not some nonsense, I don't know what is. Winnie, their weird ass babysitter still has a job, and is even minding Ally, while Ivy is working. Honestly, if Ally gets hacked to death at any point in this season, I will be satisfied because homegirl voted for Jill Stein.

Again! I'm bored but still watching.


This is my absolute favorite thing. Ball in the Family is pretty self explanatory.  It's a Facebook exclusive reality show that follows the Ball Family living their lives. First,  how cool is it that there's Facebook exclusive content that I don't have to pay for but really want to see. There'es a rumor that Marshawn is also getting a reality show on FB. I will not  miss an episode. Blanyway, this is my new jam. I love the Ball family. It took a while for me to actually get behind the Big Baller Brand. I realized that I fucks with the vision when I understood that NEVER in my life have I had anyone believe in me as much as Lavar Ball believes in his kids. Also, Lavar is a charismatic loudmouth (#GOALS), so when he speaks, I pay attention because memes and shenanigans ensue. What I love most about this show is viewers seeing The Boys' personalities. Before watching, I always said LiAngelo, who seems like he's the definition of a middle child, is my favorite, cuz he's the cute one. Even Zo labels him as a sex symbol. Though in 3 epsiodes, the one who I enjoy most is LaMelo. I knew he was #iconic, when he, Zo, and Lavar were on Monday Night Raw, and he screamed "Beat that nigga ass" into a live mic. He's also just carefree AF. Possibly, in my very unexpert opinion, the best basketball player of all The Boys.