if all the snowflakes were lollipops and tequila shots...

OH what a snow that would be. Amirite?!?! If you live in the Northeastern region of the USA, then you, like myself, are stuck indoors for the next couple of days while we bear the brunt of Winter Storm Juno aka Snowpocalypse 2015. New York City is expecting two feet of snow, and I'm expecting to go out of my mind with boredom. Also I think I'm coming down with a head cold. But as I mindlessly scrolled through my social feeds today, I found that most of my people were concerned if they had enough alcohol to ride the storm out. So, if you've gone stir crazy, and are completely out of ideas as to what to do with your time, I invite you to play my snow day drinking game.



Drink when:

  • Your alarm goes off at its regularly scheduled time.
  • You decide that you're going to be productive for the day.
  • You realize that you probably should've gotten more groceries.
  • You give up being productive.
  • You put on your pajamas and resign yourself to a television marathon.
    • Drink twice when Netflix asks you if you're still watching.
  • You think about going to play in the snow.
    • Drink twice if you actually do go play in the snow.
  • Someone makes a Frozen reference, then punch them for lack of originality.
  • You change into new pajamas after your late night shower.

I'll be chronicling my snow day adventures on Twitter and Snapchat, [foreverie], so tune in for some shenanigans. And if you're snowed in with your S.O. don't forget that I'm not going to your baby shower in October.